Born in Chile in 1947, Gustavo started his yoga studies in India in 1972 at the Theosophical Society in Chennai and every year since he has returned to India to study with BKS Iyengar (15 years), Pattabhi Jois (continually for 2 years), TKV Desikachar,  Shri Yogendra and many other teachers not known in the West.

Gustavo speaks 6 languages and has lived 20 years in Japan, 10 years in Europe and 2 in India. In his working life he was CEO of a mining company in Belgium and Chilean Ambassador to Japan. In Chile he founded one of the largest and best-known schools of yoga ( and he teaches extensively throughout South America. His wellness and retreat centre, Canal Om ( on the Pacific coast near Santiago, is featured in many publications including ‘Great Yoga Retreats’ by Taschen.

He has developed his own style of yoga, Sattva Yoga (meaning balance and harmony)  which promotes physical and energetic symmetry, corrects chronic back problems, optimises the function of internal organs and increases muscular tone thereby enhancing flexibility. This method emphasises the opening of the hips and the stabilisation of the spine and can be practiced in a flowing manner (Sattva Vinyasa), using the wall (Sattva Chikitsa) or with a partner.

In 2003 he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 4, a very aggresive and incurable cancer of the immune system – and given just 6 years to live. This was a turning point in his life and he is determined to defy the statistics, using yoga and Ayurveda as the main tools to stay well and strong. He shares his experience of this in a book just released, “Yoga, Ayurveda and Acupunture as a complementary treatment of cancer”.

He has published 15 books on yoga and several DVDs. He has been teaching throughout Europe this year.  Gustavo has a relaxed yet very focussed approach, is very personable and enjoys immensely sharing his knowledge with students everywhere.

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From early childhood Valeria has been involved in drama and dance. In 1996 she began to study with Gustavo Ponce to learn his methods. In parallel, she studied with teachers such as Sw.Digambar, Sw.Ekananda, M. Chaselon, R. Turla and many others. Currently she is training teachers at Yogashala.


Sebastian is an economist. He has studied with various teachers in the Iyengar tradition such as Faeq Biria, J.M.Vigar, R. Turla and also with Gustavo Ponce. In 2012 he spent 6 months studying at the “Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre” in Dharamsala, India. He has also studied Ayurveda and Astrology. He speaks Spanish, English and French.

Nació en Rancagua – Chile , Licenciado en Administración de Empresas y destacado deportista , Caracas, Venezuela . Después de vivir por más de 25 años fuera de Chile , regresa en el año 2011 e inmediatamente comienza el curso de formación de profesores en Yogashala – Santiago de la mano del profesor Gustavo Ponce , culminando los 3 años de duración del curso de formación.
Conoce el yoga viviendo en Francia, en Aix en provenza Al llegar a Chile asiste a un Taller de Swami Digambar en Canal Om donde conoce a Gloria Bofarull ( profesora de pedagogía de los cursos de formación ) , y se motiva por seguir estudiando en Yogashala realiza el curso de formación de profesores de Axis yoga con especialización en Dynamic.
Metodos: Axis Yoga , Dynamic Yoga.


Carolina is a dancer. In 1996 while deepening her studies of dance in the USA she discovered yoga. She lived in London for 5 years and continued her yoga studies there. Her main teachers have been David Williams, Arun, Vinod Dulal and Yaroslav Popovich. In 2011 she began 3 year’s training with Gustavo Ponce.