There are 6, including the Loft. Each with its own character, design and size, with views to the gardens or to the ocean. The 21 rooms can house 30 to 34 people. We do not have WIFI to stimulate disconnection and relaxation.Please do not enter with shoes, food or alcoholic beberages in the rooms.

Cabana 1

Has 4 identical rooms with independent entrances, two on the ground and two on the first floor.The rooms on the ground floor have 2 separate beds and those on the first floor, one large bed for couples. The rooms are spacious and each has their own private bathroom. View to the gardens. This house can accommodate 8 people. See Prices >>

Cabana 2

It has a common entrance which leads to a distribution hall. In the ground floor there are two single rooms with shared bathroom and a single with private bathroom, a terrace overlooking the ocean and a private bathroom. On the first flloor there is one single room with terrace also overlooking the ocean and private bathroom. On this floor there is also a room for a couple with terrace overlooking the ocean and bathroom. This cabana can accommodate 6 people. See Prices >>

Cabana 3 a

In the front section, first floor, there are two rooms with independent entrances, one with a double bed and the second with  three beds (two of them can be joined), plus a single bed. Both rooms have their own private bathroom and a terrace overlooking the ocean. It can accomodate 5 peoples. See Prices >>

Cabana 3 b

It has a common entrance. On the ground floor and on the upper floor are two single rooms with shared bathrooms. View to the gardens. See Prices >>

Cabana 3 c

Independent entrance with view to the gardens. Private bathroom. Two beds that can become one, for couples. See Prices >>

Cabana 4

This is a Japanese style house facing a traditional Japanese garden. There are two rooms with independent entrances. One has a double bed (which can be separated) and a single bed; the other has two single beds (which can be joined. Both rooms have their own private bathroom. This cabana can accommodate 5 people. See Prices >>

De Luxe Rooms

Only 2 with separate entrances; Large beds for couples with bathrooms in suite. The terraces over the ocean offer espectacular views. Capacity:4 people. See Prices >>



Occupying a striking position, high on the rock above Canal Om, the loft and its lighthouse offer a cosy place to take in the breathtaking sea views and awe-inspiring sunsets. It can be rented and can house 3 people. VER PRECIOS >>